Welcome to the Unfinished Lesson!

When I first became a teacher, I promised myself that if the day came that I didn’t love teaching anymore I would leave the profession.  And, I have done that at various parts of my life.  It turned out that my idealism only carried me so far.

Balance isn’t always a word associated with either teaching or owning a business. In both professions, we tend to pour our whole hearts into every idea, project, & client.

And, becoming a teacher entrepreneur? It brings a whole new level of juggling to the mix.

“The Unfinished Lesson" is my guide to all those skills that take teaching & running a business from overwhelming to fulfilling.  One of the main things I have learnt as a teacher & studio owner is that we never stop learning. In order to give the best of ourselves to our students, we need to embrace & try out the great new ideas that are coming up in the world of education. As studio owners, we need to constantly look for tools that make our lives easier & let us focus on the fun part … teaching!

I’ll help you use creative strategies & smart tech

to solve the challenges of running your business

while keeping your students coming back for more!

Below are the top 5 articles from The Unfinished Lesson that have helped teachers like you find the solution to their challenges.

April 28, 2017