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80 Days of Excellence

As I head into the new year, I have been looking back.  Setting goals is a wonderful thing, but unless we have a clear vision they just become yet another thing on the to-do list.  Some of the questions I have been asking myself are:

  • What did I do well in my studio?
  • What goals did I reach & which ones fell by the wayside?
  • What is my vision for the next part of the year & what will I do to make that vision a reality?

80 Days of Excellence

Then, I read about Vicki Davis‘ 80 Days of Excellence over at the Cool Cat Teacher.  I like Vicki’s no nonsense approach to teaching, great tech advice (she is a technology teacher), as well as her openness about sharing the tough times as well.

As you head into the new year, I encourage you to check out Vicki’s 80 Days of Excellence posts.  I have really enjoyed reading the first few & plan on continuing through the whole series.  They have helped me look at my goals & planning in a new light while making sure how I spend the next several months is the right fit for me.  Below are links to the first few articles.

Looking Forward

For the next 3 months, I have set the following goals:

Professional Growth:

For MEC, I’ve registered & have a group lesson week planned so I can attend all the sessions!  Hopefully, I will “see” many of you there!


  • Do yoga 4 times a week using a mix of short 30-minute at home sessions & a longer session at the yoga studio.

This strategy of having shorter 30-minute sessions came up because I had insomnia for most of November.  Finally I decided that if I couldn’t sleep past 3 am, I may as well do something other than bemoan the fact I couldn’t sleep.  The yoga sessions helped me reset emotionally & mentally which helped me focus on taking care of the project that was leading to the insomnia.  For December, I changed my alarm to 20 minutes earlier & continued doing yoga even though the insomnia was gone.  It has done wonders & I am able to do things that were just a dream a few months ago!

Little changes really do make a difference!


  • Overhaul my studio website.

This last goal is the most ambitious by far.  I have done an audit of the site & written out goals for each page that I will keep.  Right now, I am working on a flow chart of how I would like individuals to progress through the site which I will use to draw up wireframes (a visual representation of how it should look) for each page.  These will relate to autoresponder emails for those on the wait list.

The Unfinished Lesson:

  • Create 2 resources for you & your studio!

These are both based on studio warmups we have done (or are currently doing) in my studio.  They have both been big hits in the studio & I have seen growth in how my students are engaging with their music.  I am VERY excited to share these with you in the upcoming months!

Your 80-Days of Excellence

I hope that you are having an amazing start to 2018 … whether that is the last few days of vacation or back into the regular routine of your studio.

In the comments below, share your goals or focus for the next few months.  Let’s support each other in having the best year yet!

Have a great weekend!

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