Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to you & yours from theunfinishedlesson!


Getting paid what you’re worth

In university, we joked that if any of us were going into a career for the pay cheque we wouldn't have chosen teaching.  And, it is true that an education degree gets you among the lowest pay cheque of the professional degrees.  Yet, we fulfill so many roles beyond just teaching concepts.  So, how do … Continue reading Getting paid what you’re worth

Anecdotal records … for when your memory fails you.

I would like to say my memory has gotten worse over the years, but that wouldn't be completely accurate.  I have always been the teacher who walked up & down the aisles saying student names under my breath for the first few weeks of school.  (This always led to strange looks until I explained why … Continue reading Anecdotal records … for when your memory fails you.