Taking time to reflect on the year

I don't know about you, but I can hardly believe it is almost the end of June.  The next week is a whirlwind of recital (tomorrow), group lesson (Monday evening) & a few individual lessons as well!   On one hand, I am exhausted & looking forward to the break.  (The kidlets are dragging their feet … Continue reading Taking time to reflect on the year


Recital Prep … the countdown!

Our year-end recital is in T-minus 8 days & I am in full-on prep mode! It's a busy time of year for everyone & there are a lot of things to get ready beforehand. So, after I realized (once again) that my stressing wasn't solving anything ... I made a list! And, then I got the biggest items done over the first week. I was crazy tired by the end, but I am quite sure my shoulders dropped a good 3 inches. Here is the list of projects I am working on as well as where to get everything you need to be recital ready for your studio.

Marketing Your Studio: Wild West Style

I feel very fortunate to have found so many great mentors online ... most who probably have no clue that they are my mentors.  As my year ends, I have been looking back on the teacher I used to & the teacher I am now.  Thankfully, that bit of introspection showed how much I have … Continue reading Marketing Your Studio: Wild West Style