Finding an Oasis In a Busy Household (That Isn’t Yours)

when I go to my clients' homes it doesn't surprise me that we can often hear life going on around us during lesson. Here are my top tips for dealing with the challenges of creating an ideal learning environment in someone else's home.


Time Management for the Travel Teacher: In-lesson edition

Last week, I shared some of the ways I've learnt over the years to manage my time on the road. ¬†After all, this is time travel teachers can all so easily 'lose' during their overall teaching week. However, one thing holds true whether you teach in your student's home, your home studio, commercial location or … Continue reading Time Management for the Travel Teacher: In-lesson edition

Time Management For Traveling Teachers

It seems like we never have enough time in lesson to get everything covered, let alone anything remotely close to resembling everything. ¬†Between ensuring that our student truly can play that new section independently, parents needing (or wanting) to talk with us, or any of a million other situations, time has a way of rushing … Continue reading Time Management For Traveling Teachers