Are You Ready for Registration?

Each year, my husband & I will be sitting down to talk about our schedule for the next academic year.  When I am getting ready for registration, it’s our time to talk about what we each want to accomplish career-wise, what we think our kids will need from us, & how on earth we will make time for all that to happen.

While I have found a way to balance running my boutique studio, home life & personal development (at least most days), it wasn’t always like this.

In the first years I ran my business, there were a lot of long hours & a lot of me telling the twins “Sorry, sweetheart.  But, mommy can’t look right now.  I have to get this done.”  And after telling the boys I couldn’t spend time with them one too many times, I came to an important realization.

What was the point in leaving a full-time teaching position if I still wasn’t going to make my life outside of work a priority?

That was the year that I really thought about the policies in my contract & how they affected my life outside of my studio.  It was the year I realized that I had to be intentional about my schedule & set realistic amounts of time for the tasks that needed to get done.

I’m not saying things were perfect the next year.  But, they were a huge step in the right direction.  And each year, I tweak my policies so they fit a bit better with the life that we want for our family.

If you are wondering more about that journey, read “How I Went From a Stressed Out Teacher to Successful Business Owner”.

If you are looking for more in-depth help in creating balance, click below for a FREE course.

Getting balance in your studio

Are You Registration Ready?

It may be tempting to just change the dates on all your registration documents year to year & call it done.  But this is not getting ready for registration.

I completely understand the jigsaw puzzle that is called studio scheduling & how tempting it is to put full energy into that. As a travel teacher, I juggle each family’s preferred day & time along with making sure my teaching route best utilize the hours I have set aside for teaching.  Those two pieces of information rarely fall into alignment without a little jiggling.

Are you ensuring that your policies best serve you AND your clients?  Do they ensure that the schedule you have worked so hard to create also includes all the time outside of teaching you invest?

Registration ready means look at ALL aspects of your business. These topics may include:

  • Schedule (both studio teaching hours & administrative time)
  • Studio calendar
  • Fees (tuition & other)
  • Lesson & weekly practice expectations
  • Materials
  • Missed lessons
  • Performance & exam opportunities
  • Termination of contract (either you or the client)

Time invested in policies before client registration


Time saved throughout the year

Policies That Work For Your Studio

This was a process that took years & lots of experimentation for me to get confident with.  To help you save all that time & and the frustration, I have created a guide to creating policies that makes your life easier AND create win-win solutions for your whole studio!

Policies That Work For Your Studio” is the course I wish I had those early years.  This course walks you through, step-by-step, how to create the best policies for YOU.

I am a firm believer that no policy works for every studio, so I will not tell you specific policies you must have in your studio.  I will give you:

  • The questions that get you honed in on each section
  • Ideas to think about as you make your policies
  • Pro tips to avoid costly mistakes (both time & money)
  • 2-page appendix of wording you can use or modify for your policies

(I am not a lawyer so you will need to ensure that the wording of your policies meets all laws & regulations in your specific region, provincial/state & federal jurisdictions.  However, it can be handy to have sample wording while meeting those requirements.)

Click on the image below to enroll now!

Click here to make your best studio policies.

Let me know in the comments below how you are preparing for registration!

NOTE: This is a rewrite of an article from March 16, 2018.  It has all the insights from before, plus more!]

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