Are Christmas Studio Activities Worth It?

This is the time of year when families are typically overscheduled, tired & counting down the days to vacation.  Many studios, including mine, have at least one event before the break. This is despite the fact that we may feel much like our studio families.  So, are Christmas studio activities worth it?

I’m going to say, “Yes!” but with a caveat.  Let’s use a Goldilocks approach to our Christmas studio activities.

P.S. When I say “Christmas” studio activities, feel free to substitute “Winter” or “Summer” studio activities (depending on which hemisphere you live in).

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5 Tips to Celebrate Incremental Growth With Students in the Music Studio!

We are getting into the third month of a new school year & it’s feeling … well, not so new anymore.  Routines are set (or not set depending on your point of view).  The weather may be changing, but unfortunately, it also tends to lead to dropping many of those awesome routines we have set in place back in September. There doesn’t seem to have been enough time to see incremental growth.

Then, I listened to a podcast that got me thinking … how can I help my students (& myself) stay motivated during a time of year that lends itself more to snuggling on the couch with a cup of tea & a good book, rather than sticking with our routines & goals?

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Simultaneous Learning in the Piano Studio

Does it sometimes seem like there is not enough time to cover EVERYTHING in lessons?  Simultaneous learning helps students cover multiple concepts without overwhelm!

For years, I’ve been on a mission to give my students more choice in their repertoire & more opportunities to improvise & explore the concepts within that repertoire.  But, with more choice can come overwhelm … at least on the part of the teacher trying to plan lessons.

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Thriving During Halloween Week in the Music Studio

Ah, Halloween week. The excitement for trick or treating, the sugar rush (& crashes) from all the candy, & all the accompanied redirecting that goes into a lesson.  “Yes, I think you did get a lot of candy.  Congratulations!  Now, let’s see if we can burn off more energy playing keys on the piano … in the semblance of a song.  Any song … made up or written.”  It can be exhausting for everyone.

One year, I made an important discovery.  If you can’t fight ’em, join ’em.

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Adapting Online Group Lessons For Special Learners

One of the most popular activities to have in a music studio is group lessons.  It’s a chance for students to get together, have fun, learn & visit.  When you teach an instrument that tends to be solo (like the piano), this becomes all the more important for keeping students coming back each year.  But, is adapting online group lessons even possible for special learners?  While still meeting the needs of your other students?  Yes!

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How to Balance a Creative Studio AND Having a Personal Life

Do you ever get the sense that your studio may be running you instead of the other way around?  It is possible to have balance while running a creative studio.  It just takes a little time.

When I first started my studio, it was hard.  I felt like there was no balance between my personal & work life. 

Honestly, it made me wonder.  “Why had I left a teaching job with health benefits if I still wouldn’t get to spend time with my family?”

Thankfully, I realized that it didn’t have to stay that way.

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Running Your Studio: Making the Most of Your Limited Time

Many times when we talk about setting up a schedule, we think about our teaching time.  Or, if you are a traveling teacher, teaching & travel time.  But, do you also schedule administrative tasks that go into running a successful studio?  Or, is it a bit of a wing-it type of situation?

Chances are if you are feeling burnt-out … or burnt-out adjacent (not quite there but just one tiny thing will push you over), it’s because you’ve missed budgeting time & energy for something.

And having learnt this the hard way, a few times, I don’t want you going through the same learning curve I did.

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