Saying Goodbye to Students Regardless of the Situation

While June is a natural break in the school year, it seems inevitable that we will be saying goodbye to some students as they leave the studio … even during the regular academic year.  Sometimes, it’s due to a move away from the area.  Other times, priorities or financial situations have changed & lessons are no longer an option.  And, other times … well, perhaps we are breathing a sigh of relief after a tough year with a particular family. (Though hopefully this last one is a rare occurrence.)

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The Recital Is Over … Now What?

Having a studio recital is a lot of work.  And, it’s completely worth it.  But, you may be thinking, “The recital is over … now what?”  Maybe you are feeling burnt out or “burnt out adjacent” (the feeling of don’t-add-anything-more-because-I-am-JUST-barely-able-to-get-everything-done).  Having some post recital ideas to keep lessons engaging is a must!

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Help! My Student Doesn’t Have Their Recital Song Mastered.

It’s that time of year & many studios are working towards one goal.  Making sure students have their recital song mastered.  Or, songs depending on the size of the studio.  Sometimes I wonder who is more stressed before the recital: the teacher or the student. And, I think that it all depends on how soon the recital is.

Do you have a student that procrastinates on their songs until the last minute?  And, then struggles to master them in the last week or two before the recital?

We all know how that turns out.  The student typically chokes during the performance, audience members try to be supportive (though with all the stops & starts it’s a challenge), & the recital starts feeling like a chore to everyone that attends.

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How to Host a Virtual Recital: Part 2

Hosting a virtual recital, much like an in-person recital, has many moving parts.  The nice part is that many of these parts are the same regardless of the format! After hosting my first in-person recital … & the sheer exhaustion afterwards, I’ve been on a mission to plan a recital without stress. Thankfully it has become much easier over the years & I’ll be sharing the tips & tricks that have made planning much, much easier.

P.S. This is part 2 of a series covering virtual or online recitals.  Be sure to read about choosing the right type of virtual recital & marketing or to clients/teachers in Part 1. Just like this article, you can use the ideas for in-person recitals when you are trying out something new in the format or activities.

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Making Recital Prep Fun & Quirky For Students

Recital prep can be a stressful time for students & their families.  The pressure to play things perfectly can lead to tears & parents wondering if it’s all worth it.  NOT what we want on their mind around registration season.  Instead, wouldn’t it be great to keep things light & fun while you prepare students for the recital? Yes!

I’ll be sharing my top 3 tricks that lead to smiles, lots of practice & happy families!

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Spring Into Studio Registration With These Easy Tips!

When I first began my studio, I looked high & low for studio registration tips. Can you relate? After all, no one wants to spend more time than they have to admin. But, there are times when a little creative admin needs to happen to balance studio registration (which can be stressful) with having a semblance of work-life balance.

This article is all about the essential docs you’ll need & how to best get that ready so studio registration becomes oh-so-easy! It’s all about taking that goodwill & transferring it into renewed contracts for the fall (or summer depending on your studio).

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