What Is The Best Approach To Teach Piano?

When you first start teaching piano it can feel very overwhelming. Actually, it can even feel overwhelming a few years in! So, how can you find the best approach to teaching piano?

For starters, understand that a method book series is not an approach to teaching. It’s a series of books that contain music & activities that follow a particular approach or philosophy. But, they are not the actual teaching approach.

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Students Love Their Pets! Use This Piano Sheet Music

Every studio has at least one pet lover. Usually that pet has fur or feathers, but sometimes it’s scales or something else. And, students love sharing about these special family members. Celebrate by teaching sheet music about pets! Not only do students love them, but families love hearing something that relates to their family.

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4 Signs You Need To Change Your (Studio) Business Approach

Running a studio, or any business, is not a static thing.  It changes & evolves over time.  But, how do you know when to change your business approach?  Because let’s face it.  That’s not an easy thing to know when you’re in the midst of the day to day.

I’ll not only share signs you need to make changes, but advice to help you along the way.  You’ll hear about what this has looked like in both my studio & The Unfinished Lesson.  My hope is the lessons I’ve learnt along the way (& continue to learn) will make this an easier process for you.

You’ll also notice that I tend to use “business” instead of “studio” throughout.  One, you are running a business when you run a studio.  Two, with so many teachers creating resources & running a side business it’s important to look at each business for the best results.

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