The Uncomfortable Truth About Online Teaching & What It Means For Your Studio

The Uncomfortable Truth About Online Teaching

Many teachers were introduced to teaching online rather abruptly.  Myself included.  Love it or hate, there is an uncomfortable truth about online teaching.  It’s here to stay. Why is this an uncomfortable truth (even if you love online teaching)?  Because it signals a massive shift in how we deliver lessons in our industry.  And change…


Tips For Avoiding Overwhelm & Adding Back Fun Into Your Teaching

Avoiding Overwhelm & Adding Fun Back Into Your Teaching

As teachers & business owners avoiding overwhelm can sometimes feel like an unattainable goal.  We want to create the best experience for our students & their families.  But, there are times when that backfires.  Especially during times of change.  Instead of fun, our days are filled with a series of tasks that “have” to get…

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The Best Online Group Lesson Ideas For Music Studios

The Best Online Group Lesson Activities

One of the biggest concerns, when a studio moves online, is, “How will I create community?” There can be a fear that all the wonderful in-person activities you do are not possible, or at best, less effective.  Using the best online group lesson ideas means these student-favourite activities can be just as engaging as the…


Are Christmas Studio Activities Worth It?

Are Christmas Activities Worth It?

This is the time of year when families typically overscheduled, tired & counting down the days to vacation.  Many studios, including mine, have at least one event before the break, even though we are feeling much like our studio families.  So, are Christmas studio activities worth it? I’m going to say, “Yes!” but with a…

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Adapting Online Group Lessons For Special Learners

Adapting Online Group for Special Learners

One of the most popular studio activities is group lessons.  It’s a chance for students to get together, have fun, learn & visit.  When you teach an instrument that tends to be solo (like the piano), this becomes all the more important for keeping students coming back each year.  But, is adapting online group lessons…

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How to Plan a Multi-Level Group Lesson

How to Plan a Multi-Level Group Lesson

Planning group lessons is a wonderful way to increase social engagement in your studio.  Holding a multi-level group lesson may seem like a nightmare in the making.  But, it doesn’t have to be. With a little planning, multi-level group lessons throughout the year could be just the thing your students rave about.  And, if you…