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How To Use Digital Escape Rooms in Your Music Studio

How To Use Digital Escape Rooms

In the past year, digital escape rooms have become more popular in music studios.  Many teachers have looked for online solutions that get students practicing music skills without the stress of trying to do everything live.  These have become a student-favourite in my studio & for good reason!  But, knowing how can we use digital…


Why We Should Include Women Composers in Our Repertoire

Why We Should Include Women Composers in Our Repertoire

March is “Women in History” month & as I was researching women in music history it was absolutely fascinating.  There is a lot of fantastic music out there by both men & women (plus those that don’t identify with either gender).  So, why should we specifically include women composers in our repertoire rather than just…


Maximizing Effectiveness During Online Music Lessons

Maximize Effectiveness During Online Music Lessons

Teaching music online can have its challenges.  However, maximizing effectiveness during online lessons doesn’t have to require a tech degree.  With a few simple tweaks, I’ve discovered how to get through just as much, if not more, moving online vs. in-person.   While I’m giving examples through the lens of online lessons, these tips will work…


What to Do When Parents Don’t Want to Be Online

What To Do When Parents Don't Want To Be Online For Music Lessons

There are times when in-person lessons are not the best option.  The two most common are when someone is sick or the road conditions make travel dangerous.  For some families, the idea of doing online lessons (even if only for emergencies) brings out an adamant NO.  What do you do when parents don’t want to…


How to Choose the Best Resources For Online Teaching

Choosing the Best Resources For Online Teaching

Whether it’s every once in a while or all the time, choosing the best resources for online teaching is important.  Having the right tools & resources for your studio & situation is key to making the most of limited prep time.  We all want the time & energy to pursue things outside of our studios,…


The Uncomfortable Truth About Online Teaching & What It Means For Your Studio

The Uncomfortable Truth About Online Teaching

Many teachers were introduced to teaching online rather abruptly.  Myself included.  Love it or hate, there is an uncomfortable truth about online teaching.  It’s here to stay. Why is this an uncomfortable truth (even if you love online teaching)?  Because it signals a massive shift in how we deliver lessons in our industry.  And change…


Tips For Avoiding Overwhelm & Adding Back Fun Into Your Teaching

Avoiding Overwhelm & Adding Fun Back Into Your Teaching

As teachers & business owners avoiding overwhelm can sometimes feel like an unattainable goal.  We want to create the best experience for our students & their families.  But, there are times when that backfires.  Especially during times of change.  Instead of fun, our days are filled with a series of tasks that “have” to get…