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How to Introduce Chords to Students … Without Losing Their Interest

Introducing Chords to Students

Chords are the backbone of music.  Yet, how many of us take the time to teach our students about chords?  Not as part of their technique exercises or on a theory page, but as an element that makes a song … well, a song.  And, how many times do we sing chords so we can play chords?

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Easy Tech Tips For Your Next Virtual Studio Recital

Easy Tech Tips for Your Virtual Studio Recital

One of the biggest worries for teachers when hosting a virtual studio recital is the technology.  Add in all the regular tasks for a recital & this can quickly become overwhelming.  But, don’t worry!  Here are easy tech tips for your virtual recital. P.S. This is Part 3 in a series on virtual recitals that…

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Helping Special Needs Students Adjust to Online Lessons

Helping Special Needs Students Adjust to Online Lessons

Moving your studio online can be a wonderful opportunity for students to learn in new ways & stay connected with you even when you can not be in the same physical place.  However, some students may need a little more than, “We are moving online!  Here’s how!”  Specifically helping special needs students adjust to online…


Life in the Time of Coronavirus

Life in the time of Coronavirus

We are in uncertain times.  Between coronavirus/COVID-19 & an upcoming recession things can feel pretty bleak.  But, they aren’t.  We are so fortunate to have a career where we have flexibility in how we work.  We have much more control over things than we may think. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things we worry or stress…

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Why You Need Studio Policies

Why You Need Studio Policies

Perhaps you have been really lucky & not dealt with any “problem” clients.  Everyone pays for lessons on time, arrive/pickup happen on time & the issues other teachers deal with have not happened to you.  So, why do you need studio policies? Policies: The Start of a Beautiful Friendship Simply put, studio policies are the…