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5 Tips to Avoid Burnout Before the Holidays

Avoid Burnout

As we head into December, & all the extra activities that tend to crop up, it can be hard to avoid burnout.  This is a time of year when our studio families might say no to participating in “extras” in the studio & our students don’t practice as much as they typically would.

Rather than overload ourselves, let’s give ourselves, our studio parents & students some grace.

Feeling Burnout?

I’ll admit that this used to happen to me much more often. It led to health issues, anxiety, problems sleeping & even wanting to snap at clients.

But, we can’t control anyone else’s schedule.  We can only could ours.  But, that means we can be part of the solution for other families instead of yet another activity with more expectations.

Are you feeling like there are too many things to get done & not enough time?

Are your clients & students perhaps feeling the same thing?

Avoid Burnout Before it Starts

What is coming up in your schedule that is stressing you? Is it something that can be cancelled, delayed, or must be done for that deadline? And, be very honest here.

Do you HAVE to …

5 Tips to Avoid Client Burnout

Are you noticing a trend of decreased practice in your studio? Are students stressed about upcoming studio events (like a recital)? Or, perhaps parents are cancelling last minute?

Rather than bemoan the change in routine, change it up with these FIVE tips!

  1. No to little practice …Improvise with elements from the song or review concepts with games
  2. Check in with students about their upcoming schedule.
    • Are there songs that can be set aside until January?
    • Will they be unable to attend a lesson due to school concert, etc.?
  3. Recital cancellations … Why are clients cancelling?
    • Is there an alternative for students are already going to be elsewhere?  (i.e. video call to grandparents, mini recital at home)
    • Is there a way to modify what the student plays so they feel more confident?
    • How can that change how you schedule or handle the recital next year?
  4. Lacklustre enthusiasm for upcoming events:
    • Build enthusiasm over several weeks before.
    • Point benefits to the clients … my studio December group lesson are a chance for parents to get last minute gifts or finally relax with a cup of coffee for a bit
  5. Add photos & videos of the small (& big) wins to your studio social media pages!  Give parents a chance to brag … & their kids a reason to try in lesson.

What are you doing to make December as stress-free as possible … for both you AND your clients? 

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