Building Excitement For Lessons

Building Excitement For Lessons

It’s the start of a new academic year in the studio & that means I’ve been working at building excitement for lessons that are starting just around the corner!

Whether your lessons have already begun or they are oh-so-close to starting, building excitement in those weeks up to AND after lessons have begun is crucial.  Everyone is settling into a new routine & if something is exciting, it’s talked about.  Which leads to more time spent on it!

Welcoming families new & returning

I use e-newsletters to communicate with my families.  Some families choose not to read them, but quickly realize they are missing out.  Not only do I cover what is going on in the studio & important dates, this is where parents get the links to register for group lessons, Facebook Live sessions for piano parents, & so much more.  You don’t read, you don’t get the days/times you want for registration.

Each year, I make sure there is a cute welcome message on my studio Facebook page.  Not only do parents see it, but there is a good chance they will be showing their kids.  For new clients, I make sure the August newsletter has a prominent button to follow our studio social media & let them know this is not to be missed.

Some teachers send out postcards to their students before lessons begin to welcome them back.  It’s a great idea & can be really special for new students to know you are thinking of them & are excited to see them.

What’s your focus this year?

Another way you can build excitement for lessons this year is to let piano parents & students get a peek ‘behind’ the scenes.

  • What is going on in lessons? (warm-ups, challenges, etc.)
  • Practice strategies that you have covered in lesson
  • Celebrating with everyone the achievements & milestones of students

One of my favourite over-the-summer social media series is a set of infographics on student reflections.  It’s the highs & lows from the previous year … & it’s perfect for keeping the studio top of mind while we are on vacation.

Look at what you will be doing in your studio this upcoming year.  How can you share your vision with your clients?  How can you make them eager to go on this journey with you & a be a part of your studio community?

Build excitement with images

Build excitement by letting your families know what your focus is this upcoming year.  Not in a dry memo, but in vibrant images they can share.  Research has shown that information that contains images is much more likely to be remembered.  Use that to your advantage as you create a year-long story for your clients that draws them in & eager to stay a part of the community you’ve created!

I’ve created 2 social media images for you!

  • Welcome back students:  If you are already back into lessons, it’s also great for back-after-the-holidays
  • Active listening:  This is a big focus in my studio &, I’m sure, yours as well.  With a cute bunny, it will be sure to be a big hit with students & parents alike.

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