Helping Special Needs Students Adjust to Online Lessons

Moving your studio online can be a wonderful opportunity for students to learn in new ways & stay connected with you even when you can not be in the same physical place.  However, some students may need a little more than, “We are moving online!  Here’s how!”  Specifically helping special needs students adjust to online …

How to Say “No” When Clients Ask for More Than You Can Give

There are so many great parts of running a business.  The freedom.  The clients.  The students.  But, there are times when those same things can seem overwhelming.  Especially when you need to say “no” to clients. I understand that it can be frustrating when a client asks for more than you can give.  I’ve been …

Collaborating With Our Community of Teachers

It can be easy to feel like what we do in our studio has nothing to do with the community of teachers around us.  After all, they aren’t at our lessons each week with our students.  They aren’t making decisions that effect whether our clients continue each year.

But, I would disagree with this sentiment.  I think that what we do in our studios each year can have a big impact on our community of teachers.