The Recital Is Over … Now What?

Having a studio recital is a lot of work.  And, it’s completely worth it.  But, you may be thinking, “The recital is over … now what?”  Maybe you are feeling burnt out or “burnt out adjacent” (the feeling of don’t-add-anything-more-because-I-am-JUST-barely-able-to-get-everything-done).  Having some post recital ideas to keep lessons engaging is a must!

Choosing Piano Recital Repertoire Students Get Excited About

Chances are your studio is already well into recital prep. Students are learning or mastering new repertoire, you are working out the last details on the program, & parents are checking their calendars to ensure they will get their budding performers to the venue on time.

How can you get your students excited about their recital repertoire? This is my top 6 tips to making recital prep a time of celebration!

Peek Into The Inspiring Role Of Women In Music

With “Women In History” month, it’s a great time to highlight the inspiring role of women throughout music history. Part of that is highlighting how the role of women in music changed, the female composers who made an impact well beyond their music & how to teach that to your students.

Students Love Their Pets! Use This Piano Sheet Music

Every studio has at least one pet lover. Usually that pet has fur or feathers, but sometimes it’s scales or something else. And, students love sharing about these special family members. Celebrate by teaching sheet music about pets! Not only do students love them, but families love hearing something that relates to their family.