MusicEdConnect – Learning Online

I was really looking forward to attending the MusicEdConnect 2019 conference!  From past experience I know the content will be great & the presenters approachable.  My students also know (& lightly teased me) that next week I will be back in the studio with many ideas & an infectious excitement!

An Unexpected Gem (Resource Review)

For this month’s resource review, I decided to focus on a resource for parents.  It is important to keep in mind our piano parents as we make decisions for our studio.  How can we support and educate them to make piano lessons a positive experience for the whole family?
Read more for my review of an unexpected gem.

New Teaching Resources Every Week!

I LOVE reading blogs and follow quite a few so that not a day goes by in which I am not exposed to a new idea or way of doing something.  It keep me excited about my chosen profession … teaching music!
Here are a few new (to me) resources that will bring fresh ideas to your teaching!

Top 8 Music Education Resources

Okay! Last lessons have been taught, recital is over, and schedule is done (or, as close to done as it will be)! What’s next? A little bit of time to recharge and then … well that’s up to you.
Over the summer, my brain is ready to absorb new information and reading gives me ideas of how I want to approach things for the new year! Here is my top list of books and articles that have either inspired me, taught me something new, or just make the list based purely on awesomeness!

MusicEdConnect 2017

For 4 days, I geeked out with teachers from all over the world learning from experts in a wide variety of fields. While I was exhausted at the end of each the day, it also renewed my enthusiasm and idea bin for music teaching. This is my recap of the MusicEdConnect (MEC) 2017 conference.