Rhythm Warm-Ups That Get Students Off the Bench

With the end of the year just around the corner (or so it seems), many of our students will be getting a bit wiggly on the bench, perhaps a bit teary-eyed at staying inside on a sunny day, and in general wanting to do something just a little bit different.

One of the favourite warm-up activities we did in my studio this year was rhythm warm-ups. I wanted my students to feel a steady pulse as they played piano, but I also wanted them to improvise with rhythms so when they saw them in their music it was easier to recognize. I wanted a warm-up that kind of did it all. This week, I am sharing the warm-up with you!

Composing with Students During Online Lessons

Composing opens student’s eyes to what music really can be.  Not just from an emotional point of view, but also a technical point of view as well.  So, what is the trick to composing with students during online lessons?  It just takes a few tweaks from what you might do in an in-person lesson!

Do you have a cat lover?

There is a reason there is a cat tax on social media.  Many people love our feline friends.  Do you have a cat lover in your studio?
Sam’s Life is a collection of rote pieces for the cat lovers in your studio!