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Keeping Studio Information at Your (Digital) Fingertips

Keep Information at Your (Digital) Fingertips

Gone are the days when we could keep our information in file cabinets & bookshelves.  In today’s studio, we need digital information that can be accessed immediately.

Today’s students & their parents are used to finding information with a quick search online.

As a studio owner, if you have to search your shelves or file cabinets during lessons time, you run the risk of coming across as disorganized.  Even if you aren’t.

Why go digital?

It may not seem like a big deal to go check your bookshelf for a few book options or run to your office to quickly grab something from the file cabinet.

The big question is … what is your student doing during this time?

Chances are you are only gone a couple minutes.

But, when we fret about not having enough time in lessons to get through everything … those couple minutes can become a big deal.

Especially if this occurs on a regular basis.

Time management

We need to use every moment of lessons wisely.  And that means having things organized before lesson even starts.

Even if you move everything in your studio to digital copies of the information, there will occasionally be moments that you need to search for something.

The difference is you can stay right beside your student while you do a quick search.

And, you can even email a copy of the document or link during lesson.  Which saves prep time later.

If the majority of your studio information, documents & other resources stay in paper form, there is no way to take care of it within lesson.  Other than leaving the student.

The effect of clutter

I have a very small office that is packed to the gills with books, sheet music, games, and so much more. As a travel teacher, literally everything I use for teaching, planning & growing my studio is stored in this small room.

To put this in perspective, you could fit a single bed in the room & not much else. (Oh how I dream of having a larger office space!)

Though the bright red desk & my twins’ artwork on the walls does make it a more cheerful place.

What does your teaching & office space say about you?

The digital information solution

Over the years, I’ve implemented systems that save time & reduce the clutter.  

What has worked the best is moving to digital information.  Then, making sure that information is shared among all my devices.

When I first began travel teaching, I had 2-3 overflowing bags.  By moving almost everything so I could access it on my iPads, now I carry 1 regular bag that easily zips up.

Online storage

By making good use of online storage, like Google Drive, I can quickly get information to my clients, even at lesson time.

How to create folders & add documents in Google Drive

Rather than making notes to send something once I get home, I send information & documents at the end of lesson. 

Once I am home, I can relax with my family.  Not spend time pulling things in my office.

Organizing your iPad

The other system that has worked wonders is keeping my iPads organized.

In my studio, students use an iPad for lab time.  And, I use another iPad for lesson plans/practice pages & everything else I need while teaching.

How to organize your iPad

Handing off an iPad to a student that isn’t well organized is a recipe for disaster.  Especially if you are planning on teaching another student at the same time.

When teaching, an organized teacher iPad means that when

  • A parent asks “When is group lessons?”
  • A student asks if they can learn a new pop song
  • You need to make a change to the original practice page

You can easily find what you need within seconds.

And, doesn’t that sound great?

The hidden problem

While you can move much of your studio information & teaching resources to digital form, there is one that is a much bigger problem.


Yes, we can purchase sheet music online.  But, what about all the other repertoire that is only in book form?

How many times have you searched your bookshelves knowing that a specific song is there?  You just aren’t sure which book.  Or, where the right book is.

We should not be giving up a lot of personal time in order to be master teachers.  Especially not for something as simple as pulling repertoire for our students.

The solution … use a repertoire database for each level that you teach.

Having a repertoire database that I could quickly search either during lesson or prep time has proven to be well worth it!

Whether it’s searching for repertoire that:

  • Has that one song you know would be perfect
  • Or, covers the exact concept your student needs more practice to master

If you would like access to the repertoire databases that changed so much in my studio, click below.

P.S. There are multiple levels available with more being created!

Learn more about repertoire database level 1.

A digital information revolution

There are some things that need to stay paper.  Though who knows what the future holds?

Moving more to digital information means accessing what is important to you … regardless of where you are.

What are some ways that you have simplified your life by going digital?

Let us know in the comments below!

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