Sam's Life (rote pieces)

There is a reason there is a cat tax on social media.  Many people love our feline friends.  Do you have a cat lover in your studio?

Back in May, one of my students asked when we were going to do a cat song.  I pointed out we had done “Lion Paw”, “Roaring Lion, Crouching Lion” improvisation & “King of the African Drum” in Piano Safari.  Surely a lion is a cat.

“SIGH.  Those are WILD cats, Ms. Rosemarie.  I want a HOUSE cat song.”

“Hmm.  I’ll see what I can do.”

The Cat That Started It All

I had every intention of scouring my music to find a “house cat” song for my student.  After all if a student is willing to share what topic, style, or specific song they want to play, why not keep that enthusiasm going?

Enter, Sam the cat. Sam was our family’s beloved tabby cat.

And, it turns out he was made for music.

What started as one song quickly became five from different stages of his life.

Rote Songs For the Cat Lover in Your Studio

Sam’s Life is a collection of rote pieces for students that are just starting out to early intermediate.  And each tells a story.

From an interesting kitten friendship, to crossing the street, keeping the house safe & dealing with winter, these pieces are memories throughout Sam’s life.

My students have LOVED learning interesting pieces that don’t skimp on style.  “If you know the story, you know the pattern.” is what I tell them.

Rote pieces allow students to play pieces that are much higher than their reading level.  And, what student doesn’t like to sound amazing for family, friends, or even upcoming recitals?

To find out more about Sam’s Life, click the picture below.  I hope you enjoy these stories & pieces as much as we have in my studio!

Sam's Life

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