Does Design Need to Be Complicated?

When I first started my business, I couldn’t help but wonder “Does design have to be complicated?”  I knew that I needed to have good looking materials for prospective clients.  But, I also knew that I was spending way to much time on materials that looked like an elementary school child created them.  Sigh.

Then, I discovered Canva.  It changed everything!  Not all at once, mind you.  I still needed to learn basics of design.  But, they made it easy to get started & get my designs out there!

DOES Design Need to Be Complicated?


Design can be something as simple as text in a box.  Or, as complex as layers of images & text with various filters put on them.  Or, something in between.

Even after using Canva for years, I still look forward to the design template emails & search the site for information on a wide variety of topics.  As my understanding has grown, my desire to learn more about design has grown as well.  It has NOT meant that the time I spend on my designs has increased though.  It has been quite the opposite.

If you are looking for help in making a recital program without a lot of fuss,  check out  “One Stop Design (for the non-design savvy)” which includes a tutorial video on how to make a recital program.

If you are looking for more in depth help on what types of resources Canva covers, I’ve written a guest post over at Tim Topham’s site, “How to Create Easy Designs for the Everyday Business Owner“.  Included are two tutorial videos on how to make a social media image & an invitation.

Let me know in the comments below what types of materials you create & the programs you use.  If you’ve used Canva, what has been your experience?

Have a great weekend!

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