5 Ways: Recital Prep Activities

5 Ways: Recital Prep

“I forgot to practice my recital song.”  The words every teacher dreads to hear.  Banish recital practice woes with “5 Ways: Recital Prep”!  Students choose from these fun recital prep activities as they practice each week.  

Piano recital prep activities

Cue the cute animals, fun emojis & colourful layout … 5 Ways is back!  But, adapted for recital prep.  My students love having choices, so each page gives them 5 ways to get ready for our spring recital.  And, now your students can use these as well!

5 Ways: Recital Prep

What’s included:

  • 2 PDF’s of recital prep activities
  • 5 piano practice strategies on EACH page

How to use:

“5 Ways: Recital Prep Activities” is meant to be adaptable to your studio, whether in-person or online.  Give students a new PDF every 1 – 2 weeks to keep recital practice interesting & a little quirky.

Feel free to get creative with how students use these!  During the week, students can easily:

  • Choose the activity they want
  • Roll a die: A six means they can choose the activity
  • Close their eyes & point to an activity

These also make great videos for your studio’s social media marketing or a fun studio challenge!


This product is for a single teacher to use within their studio with their students.  For online studios, this product can be placed in online storage (i.e. Google Drive, Tonara, etc.) so students can print this off at home. 

If you would like to use this product for multiple teachers, classrooms or studios, please contact Rosemarie for additional license pricing.  Thanks!

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