“All About the Love” Digital Escape Rooms

All About the Love (Digital Escape Rooms)

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to add a little fun to music lessons!  “All About the Love” digital escape rooms is a series of fun activities for in-person, online or group lessons.

Concepts Covered:

We are “All About the Love” in this series of digital escape rooms!  Elementary level students will listen to music from the 60’s to today as they unlock the clues to each escape room.

Music’s Heartbeat

Keeping a steady heartbeat is integral to successfully play pieces.  Students will explore:

  • Meter: duple or triple
  • Tempo: slow, medium, fast

Easier tempo terms within the digital escape room ensure you can use this with a wider range of students.  If doing these with students, adding in the Italian music terms for tempo will expand on the tempo questions.  

The Rhythm of Music

Explore the relationship between lyrics & rhythm as students listen to a piece.  One line of lyrics is pulled & the student matches the best simplified rhythm pattern.

Rhythms include:

  • Notes: Eighth, quarter, half, dotted half, tied notes
  • Rests: Quarter

All the “Feels” of Music

Students will “feel all the feels” in this digital escape room.  The best music brings a range of emotions to the listener!

  • Mode: Major & minor
  • Mood 

Digital Escape Rooms

Digital escape rooms are a fun alternative to boring theory worksheets.  Students work with you, on their own or as a team to answer questions based on the music they hear.  Each section has its own clue.  Get all the clues to reveal the answer to the final theme-based question!

These can be completed during lesson time (music lab or together with you), independently during the week, or (my personal favourite) as a series of fun group lesson activities!


BEFORE PURCHASING, BE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOGLE DRIVE ACCOUNT.  This is necessary to access the escape rooms.

AFTER PURCHASING, you will receive a PDF that includes instructions & exclusive links to each of the above digital escape rooms.  You will be prompted to make a copy for your Google Drive.  The copy you make is the one you use with your students.


You may use these “All About the Love” digital escape rooms with your students for either in-person or online lessons.  The PDF included explains how to share these digital escape rooms for both settings. 

If you have a multi-teacher studio, please contact Rosemarie directly for additional licenses.

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