Your students will learn about musical rhythm & lyrics through these Halloween digital escape rooms in this 3-part series of music labs!

These music labs include:

  • A 3-part series of music labs with 20 questions total
  • Student tracking sheet that includes:
    • Length of videos/podcasts
    • If videos may need to be watched more than once
    • Concepts/topics covered
  • Digital escape rooms that practically mark themselves

Your students will have fun learning about:

  • Spooky classical music
  • Meter & rhythm
  • Lyrics & story

What this looks like in your studio

In October, we focus on rhythm, creating an internal pulse … & of course, having fun!  These Halloween escape rooms work well for:

  • In-person private lessons
  • Online private lessons
  • Group lessons (between 30 – 45 minutes + discussion)

Whether it’s music labs or a fun Halloween-themed group, wouldn’t it be great to have all your planning taken care of this month?  

To find out what this can look like in your studio,


“Thanks, Rosemarie! I have to tell you, I just used the first Halloween escape room in an online lesson with two of my sibling students…yesterday and we had the BEST time.
First, they thought it was cool to hear the “spooky” classical music. They recognized a few of the pieces and liked learning a little history about them.
But the best part was the “Just Dance” YouTube video. I told them they had to pick a character and dance and they said “fine but you do too!” so we each picked one of the characters and danced over Zoom. We were all laughing so hard that their mom came in to see what was going on. I wasn’t banking on that section being “educational,” but then I saw your [last] question … and thought it was brilliant!  [My students totally got it] and I was like, YES!” ~ Selena (Notable Music Education)

Selena surprised me with the above honest testimonial a few days after purchasing the “Happy Halloween” digital escape rooms.

BEFORE PURCHASING, BE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOGLE DRIVE ACCOUNT.  This is necessary to access the escape rooms.

License:  You may use these Halloween digital escape rooms with your students for either in-person or online lessons.  The PDF included explains how to share these digital escape rooms for both settings.  If you have a multi-teacher studio, please contact Rosemarie directly for additional licenses.

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