Are you jazzed about Spring?  I am & so are my students!  Explore the men & women of jazz through digital escape rooms.  In addition, each song is about Spring making it a great option for this season.

What this looks like

These music labs include:

  • Everything you need for music lab assignments:
    • PDF with links for you to create your own copies
    • Each escape room is focused on a specific jazz composer & highlights a Spring-themed song
    • PDF Student tracking sheet
  • Three bundle options:
    • Female Jazz Musicians: 4 escape rooms + student tracking sheet
    • Male Jazz Musicians: 4 escape rooms + student tracking sheet
    • Full bundle: All 8 fantastic composer escape rooms + student tracking sheets
  • Digital escape rooms that practically mark themselves

Jazzed About Spring

In “Jazzed About Spring”, your students will enjoy learning about:

  • Some of the biggest names in Jazz music: Brubeck, Davis, Dearie, Jobim, Lee, Lincoln, Reinhardt & Vaughan
  • Musical terms & concepts: tempo, meter, syncopation, instruments, instrument roles, voicing, etc.
  • And more!

As always, students have a choice in the assignments they do each lesson with the student tracking sheet!  Plus, assignments ask students to look beyond the facts & create their own opinions.

“Jazzed About Spring” is a blend of history, music appreciation, & theory.  While many of the musicians are from North America, there are also musicians included from South America & Europe.

What are digital escape rooms?

To find out what digital escape rooms look like & how students interact with them, click here.


You will need a Google account to download & use “Jazzed About Spring”.

Because your purchase link is personalized, the link will be valid for only 24 hours to download all digital escape rooms & student tracking sheets.  For instance, once you have your receipt, download your purchase.  Even if you aren’t planning on using them immediately.

Once they are downloaded into your Google account, you can use them whenever you want!

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