Get ready to travel the world … in lab time!  These digital labs cover music around the world. All while giving students choice as they learn!

Giving Choice … Without Burnout

We know that students learn better when they have choices in their learning.  All the sudden it isn’t about what the teacher says needs to be learnt, it’s about what the student wants to learn.

But, we still need to guide students.  And, we still need a life outside of our studios.

Imagine an entire year of labs (or just a continent) where students could choose what they wanted to do in lab.  And, you had zero prep.

Sounds amazing, right?

Giving students choice should not mean more work for you.

It should be about giving students the opportunities to explore ideas in many ways.  And over a long period of time.

What is "Music Around the World"?

Music Around the World

“Music Around the World” is much more than just digital lab assignments.

It’s about students taking charge of their learning in a way they never have.  And, to have fun while they do it!

It’s about using expert teaching methods to have students review concepts … without feeling like they are reviewing important theory terms & musical ideas.

Lastly, it’s about giving students the chance to “visit” up to 91 countries & territories over the course of the year.  That’s a LOT of visiting … all from the comfort of your studio!

Each assignment will take about 15 minutes to complete.  This is perfect for:

  • Private lessons
  • Buddy lessons
  • 20/20/20 lessons
  • Lab time programming

Every assignment uses an outside resource, such as:

  • Video: music, mini documentary, dance or explanation
  • Podcast with mini test
  • Website: composer, instrument or style of music
  • App: listed, but not linked within the document

Use these digital labs to give students choice in their learning!


  • Designed for students at the:
    • Primer/early education: with some help or guidance from a parent or teacher
    • Early & Late Elementary
    • Early Intermediate


  • Digital lab assignments:
    • Main lab page (6 countries per page)
    • Individual country assignments pages
  • Template for passport stickers (passport book not included)
  • Answers to ALL lab assignments … so prep goes from hours to minutes.
  • License to use for single teacher studio.
    • Download onto your device.
    • Make digital copies for each student to use.

You will receive a zip file of PDF’s & a Word document (passport ‘stamp’ template) with your purchase.  Please be sure you are able to open zip files on your device before purchase.

Multi-teacher studios will need an additional license.  Please contact Rosemarie directly for pricing.

Travel the world this year

Wouldn’t it be great to have students that are:

  • Confident analyzing & critiquing music … using the correct vocabulary?
  • Excited about lab time in your studio?
  • Eager to share with their parents what they learnt?

Wouldn’t it be great for you to have:

  • Your prep taken care of?
  • A creative approach to music theory?
  • Free time to focus on other things?

Lastly, if you are wondering what this looks like as students work through “Music Around the World” … click here for a Notability tutorial.  I use both the main lab page & an individual country page within the tutorial.

Music Around the World (pricing structure)

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