This late elementary/early intermediate piece creates an ethereal moodscape in a Mixolydian mode. While living in Northern Canada, I had the joy of seeing the Northern Lights. The swirling, colourful lights created a timeless moment of peace, serenity & awe. 

Students can learn this pattern-based piece by rote, use a hybrid approach of note-reading & rote.  It’s also perfect for the student that wants something that sounds hard, but is much easier than it sounds!

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Northern Lights Details:

  • Level: Late Elementary / Early Intermediate
  • Mode: A Mixolydian
  • Time Signature: 4/4
  • Concepts: sharps & natural, 2 ledger lines, 8va & 8vb, chord bridges
  • Pages: 5 pages, 2 pages of music, cover included

Studio license terms

When you purchase “Northern Lights” you get a studio-license PDF of the piece.  This means you can print this piece as many times as you would like for your students.  If you share it during online lessons, students must print immediately & not retain an electronic copy of the piece.

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