Repertoire Database Level 1 (bundle)

Repertoire Database Level 1

When teaching beginners, there are a LOT of concepts to cover.  But, that doesn’t mean students shouldn’t get choice in their repertoire.  The “Repertoire Database Level 1 Bundle” puts your method book library at your fingertips!

A beginners’ dream repertoire database!

Beginners tend to progress through music at vastly different rates.  Which makes having a robust repertoire library such a must.  But searching through all those books is time consuming.

Give your students choice in the songs they play … without missing important concepts!  Use a repertoire database to keep your library right at your fingertips!

This bundle combines the following products:

Because the earliest levels are the foundation of everything that comes after, this bundle ensure your will be able to search .

Pedagogically-based repertoire database

Repertoire database: Level 1 includes main concepts covered at this level, ensuring that your students can choose the music they love while YOU make sure they master the basics.

Repertoire Database Level 1

All method books listed in the database are North American versions. Where a method book (i.e. Piano Adventures) is available as international version, the repertoire included may be different. 

Method books NOT included.

Compatibility Note:

This product is a *.xlsx file which is compatible with the following programs:

  • Office Excel 2007 through to Office Excel 2019 (including Office 365).
  • Apple Numbers
  • Google Sheets

Bundle for more savings

This bundle of level 1 repertoire databases will give you a 10% savings over purchasing each database on its own. 

For information about the repertoire databases included in this bundle, click below.