Repertoire Database Level 2

Having a repertoire database means less prep time & more choice for students.  “Repertoire Database Level 2” has almost 500 songs listed!

An early elementary repertoire database

This is THE tool for busy teachers.  Each category covers all the major concepts from the biggest method books.  First filter songs by concept, then a comprehensive list of the songs shows.

Common student struggles at this level:

  • Steady pulse while playing new rhythm patterns
  • Continued practice reading intervalically
  • Blocked AND broken chords or chord bridges
  • Even more articulation markings to keep track of

This level picks up where “Repertoire Database: Level 1B” left off.  See below for the best bundle for “Repertoire Database: Level 2”.

Pedagogically-based repertoire database

Repertoire Database: Level 2 includes main concepts covered at this level.  Ensure your students can choose the music they love while YOU make sure they master the basics.

Repertoire Database (Level 2)

All method books listed in the database are North American versions. Where a method book (i.e. Piano Adventures) is available as international version, the repertoire included may be different. 

Method books NOT included.

Compatibility Note:

This product is a *.xlsx file which is compatible with the following programs:

  • Office Excel 2007 through to Office Excel 2019 (including Office 365).
  • Apple Numbers
  • Google Sheets

Bundle for more savings

Be sure to purchase the bundled sets of repertoire databases to make your lesson prep time a breeze! 

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Teaching early elementary students can be a breeze.  Especially when the right songs are at your fingertips!  Ensure you always pick the right song with "Repertoire Database Levels 1 and…

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