Rhythm Warm-Ups That Get Students Off the Bench

12-Week Rhythm Warm-Ups

Are you looking for rhythm warm-ups that target exactly what students struggle with while bridging the gap between rhythm exercises & actually creating music?

It had been yet another lesson in my studio with a student playing their quarter & half notes the same length.  They could clap the rhythm perfectly.  But, the moment they were playing there was a disconnect.  The rhythm warm-ups went out the window & all that was left was a song that sounded a lot like the economics teacher saying “Bueller, Bueller” over & over in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Do your students have a disconnect between rhythm exercises & playing their repertoire?

Later that week, one of my older students was playing a piece for me.  But, as I listened I realized that there was a bit of slow-motion action going on as my student changing tempo within a section.  It was a bit of a yo-yo as he moved fast in the easy sections, slowed it right down for a measure or two, then sped right back up.  And, when I pointed out to the student?  He had no idea that he changed tempo.

Do your students play as if the pulse is a yo-yo?

I used to get frustrated when my students had these issues.  They effect so many different aspects of playing.  So, I created a unit of rhythm warm-ups that targeted exactly what my students struggled with while bridging the gap between rhythm exercises & actually creating music!

The result?

My students loved it &, just as importantly, we both heard a big jump in their ability to keep a steady pulse while playing rhythms accurately in their music!

And, I loved how easy it was to …

  • Start each lesson with whole body movement to train them to feel a steady pulse
  • Get them engaged with common rhythm patterns: physically, aurally, through improvisation & visually
  • Do quick warm-up activities with practice during the week & follow up at the next week’s lesson

Would like your students to:

  • Move to a steady pulse (beat)?
  • Add body movements to reinforce a steady pulse?
  • Clap rhythms using a steady pulse?
  • Improvise melodies using a given rhythm?
  • Notate a rhythm after learning it aurally?

These quick & easy rhythms warm-ups bring a smile to students every lesson & take your planning time to almost nothing!  By the end of this rhythm unit, your students will have strategies for keeping a steady pulse, saying/tapping common rhythm patterns, plus improvise with & notate weekly rhythms.

These warm-ups take about 5 minutes though if a student is really get into it, feel free to spend a bit more time.  Plus, you have 3 months of levelled warm-ups planned for your entire studio!

What’s Included:

  • Warm-up ideas for start of lesson
  • Practice during the week ideas
  • Review ideas for the start of next lesson
  • Body rhythm ideas (enough for the full 12 weeks)
  • Rhythm word ideas to help your students remember the patterns (3 different sets)
  • 4 sets of rhythms (absolute beginner, beginner, early elementary, elementary)
  • Studio challenge ideas (including a points system to use)
  • Individual PNG images for week’s rhythm to use on digital practice pages (4 zip files of images)

Please be sure you have a program to open zip files before purchasing this product.

This product is for a single teacher to use within their studio with their students.  If you would like to use this product for multiple teachers, classrooms or studios, please contact Rosemarie for additional license pricing.  Thanks!

To see a video of these warm-ups in action, visit “Rhythm Warm-Ups That Get Students off the Bench“.


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