Peek into the garden with “The Rabbit In The Garden” This early elementary piece has a 2/4 time signature mimics the cute rabbit hopping around looking for delicious vegetables. Students will have fun exploring melodies in both right & left hand in this playful piece.

The Rabbit In The Garden Details:

  • Level: Early Elementary
  • Mode: G Major
  • Time Signature: 2/4
  • Concepts: hands together, melody shifts between left & right hand
  • Pages: 4 pages, 1 page of music, cover included

NOTE: This song was originally published by TopMusicCo.  All rights have reverted back to The Unfinished Lesson.

Studio license terms:

When you purchase “The Rabbit In The Garden” you get a studio-license PDF of the piece.  This means you can print this piece as many times as you would like for your students.  If you share it during online lessons, students must print immediately & not retain an electronic copy of the piece.

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