Your students will learn music history through digital escape rooms in this series of music labs!

You can choose to have your entire year covered with 5 units of music labs.  Or, purchase each era on its own.

But, the savings are in purchasing the entire “Travel Through Time” series!  This is 20% savings over purchasing each era on its own.

What this looks like

These music labs include:

  • A full YEAR of music lab assignments:
    • 45 escape rooms total + student tracking sheet
  • Per ERA:
    • 9 escape rooms + student tracking sheet
  • Digital escape rooms that practically mark themselves

Your students will have fun learning about:

  • Main characteristics of each era
  • Musical terms & concepts
  • Era specific instruments
  • Composers
  • And, so much more!

In my studio, student choice is so important that it is a part of every facet of lessons.  This means your students will have a choice in the assignments they do each lesson!  And, assignments ask students to look beyond the facts & create their own opinions on different topics.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have ALL your lab planning for next year taken care of for you?  All while engaging students as they learn music history!


These are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for in a music history resource. I’ve been looking to go beyond the “interesting paragraph plus crossword puzzle worksheet” approach when it comes to teaching music history to my piano students … I teach mostly students with special needs and I also wanted something that would be versatile with groups.

I find that these are excellent for both private and group lessons, and both in-person and online. The videos are engaging yet short and digestible. Most of them (at least in the Renaissance pack) are about 3 minutes in length, so we can watch them multiple times during a half hour lesson if we need to. The questions are succinct and to the point.

I LOVE that there is virtually no grading involved on my part – the forms are designed in a “fail-proof” way so that the student has to get the right answer or provide enough details in order to move on. In just two weeks of using them with students, my students have laughed and asked questions and begged to do more escape rooms. They have a choice in what exactly they want to learn. So far I’ve done all of them live with students, but I can see how it would be really easy to assign them for students to complete on their own.

I’m really excited to keep using these and I really hope Rosemarie makes more!

~ Selena (Notable Music Education)

P.S. Selena later went on to purchase the entire series of Travel Through Time digital escape rooms.

Tech & License FAQ

BEFORE PURCHASING, BE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOGLE DRIVE ACCOUNT.  This is necessary to access the escape rooms.

License:  You may use these digital escape rooms with your students for either in-person or online lessons.  The PDF included explains how to share these digital escape rooms for both settings.  If you have a multi-teacher studio, please contact Rosemarie directly for additional licenses.

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