Explore the women in music throughout time through digital escape rooms in this series of music labs!

What this looks like

These music labs include:

  • Everything you need for music lab assignments:
    • PDF with links for you to create your own copies
    • Each escape rooms is focused on a specific female composer
    • Student tracking sheet
  • Per ERA:
    • 7 escape rooms + student tracking sheet
    • Exception: Pre-Medieval to Renaissance is 5 escape rooms (reflected in the pricing)
  • Digital escape rooms that practically mark themselves

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Your students will have fun learning about:

  • Influential women in music through each era & what makes them unique
  • Musical terms & concepts
  • Era-specific terminology or concepts (for example, polyphony vs. homophony)
  • And, so much more!

Your students will have a choice in the assignments they do each lesson!  And, assignments ask students to look beyond the facts & create their own opinions on different topics.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have ALL your lab planning for each era taken care of for you?  All while engaging students as they learn music history!

More Info

~ You will need a Google account to access these digital escape rooms.  Please be sure to check this before purchasing.

To find out what digital escape rooms look like & how students interact with them, click here.

And, to find out more about why there is a need to focus on women in music history, click here.

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