We all need different music resources in our studios. After all, we all have a different ideal studio. Right? Below are the top 5 resources that teachers LOVE on the site. Choose resources for online teaching, technology options or getting off-the-bench.

This massive resource list includes everything from initially transitioning online, handling admin, group lessons, special learners & so much more!

This sample is the FULL escape room for The Piano Guys & is part of the 20th-21st Century “Travel Through Time” digital escape room series.

Get even your most reluctant students singing with these creative ways to realize … If you can sing it, you can play it!

This massive resource list includes both teaching & admin apps. Plus, the teaching list shows which apps work well for online lessons!

Get students exploring rhythm in new ways … & feeling that beat right down to their bones.

Not sure which music resources to choose?

No worries. Above all, remember it’s important to think about the studio you want & what you want to accomplish in the upcoming months.

There are a LOT of music resources on this site tailored to help you exactly where you are. Maybe the list above isn’t quite right. Instead of choosing a resource, check out some of the latest articles to see what we’ve been talking about!