Halloween group lesson ideas for your studio!

This time of year, we always hold a Halloween or autumn group lesson in my studio. It’s a great time to get together, for new students to meet returning students, & inject a change in our routine right about when students need a change in scenery.

Why have group lesson?

It didn’t take very long to realize that attempting lessons on Halloween was going to be an exercise in futility.

  • Travel time was much longer as I attempted to navigate the costumed-children-filled-streets.
  • Students just wanted to go trick or treating.
  • Even if they didn’t, the door bell kept ringing which was a distraction in & of itself.
  • Attempting to reschedule lessons that fell on Halloween meant I was giving up my personal time.

And, if you have a studio where your students come to you … keep in mind these all apply to your studio as well.

What’s the plan?

In my studio, we have been working on actively listening as we play & warming up with rhythms.  So, it only made sense to include these activities in our autumn group lesson.

If you haven’t had a chance to plan your group lesson … I’ve got you covered!

My group lessons are 90 minutes long.  Enough time to do a variety of activities & long enough for parents to relax with a cup of coffee!

Halloween or Autumn themed theory worksheets

My students always start with theory worksheets for group lesson.  It ensures I can greet parents & students while everyone has a task to focus on.

Theory worksheets can be found in a wide variety of places but I tend to get my themed worksheets from TeachersPayTeachers.

Student performances with peer feedback

Having students perform for each other covers a lot of skills!

  • Practicing effectively
  • Performance etiquette
  • Active listening
  • Positive peer feedback

Because I have students that get nervous performing, their teacher (me) gets a song ready as well.  Being an example to students goes a long way in helping them get over any anxiety.

Dance Off!

Group lessons should always have a mix of activities.  This time students will be dancing to music & when the music stops … freeze in a particular dance move.  Not only do we get to listen to Halloween or Autumn playlists (depending on how students’ families feel about Halloween), but we get to burn off a little energy in a fun way!

Spot the Difference

How many students actively listen while they play?  Not as many as we would hope.

For this activity, grab several sight-reading books or easy level books.  Play a piece twice with one (or more) thing changed the second time.

Students work together or write down the change on a piece of paper.  Points are awarded for each change discovered!

Rhythm Telephone

Students will line up & get ready to listen like they’ve never listened before!  I’ve written out Autumn & Halloween rhythmic sentences for students to pass on.

One point if the words are right.  FIVE points if it retains the rhythm.

Snack Time

Students need nutritious snacks which is why we always end with snack time.  A fruit platter does the trick.  With either a Halloween or Autumn playlist playing in the background, students have a chance to settle down before their parents arrive.

(Plus, parents are always really impressed when they leave to their kids focused & arrive to calm kids that are eager to share what they’ve done.)

Group Lesson Ideas

Planning an autumn group lesson doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

If you would like more group lesson ideas, check out:


What will your studio be doing this next week?  Share below!

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