Happy Thanksgiving!

The leaves have turned beautiful hues of orange, yellow & red.  Pumpkins & apples are aplenty.  Time to celebrate fall!

Canadian Thanksgiving always falls on the second Monday of October.  So, for many families this is a long weekend to spend with family & eat way too much food.  In my family, the policy seems to be that if the table isn’t sagging there is plenty of room for more food & if we can possibly squeeze in another chair (or better yet a table), there is always room for one more.  

Because food & family are such an important part of the holidays for us, there is always a certain amount of prep.  This year, one of my sons created meat-themed decorations (I just shrugged my shoulders, then gave him a hug for such creating such realistic turkey drumsticks) & my other son decided he wanted to create a sign welcoming everyone (which earned him a big hug cause it was so darn cute).  Desert requests have been made: fruit crumble (one of the boys is making this with his abuela), pumpkin pie (my mom is making this for our other son), & vegan pumpkin ‘cheese’cake (my husband & dad feel that there is never too much desert, plus this way I  get some desert as well).  And, Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without turkey (at least for the rest of the family.  Lol), stuffing, roasted veggies, potatoes (sweet & regular), wine to enjoy over the meal … actually the list could get really long now that I think about it.  This probably explains why the boys keeping bringing up how much they are looking forward to the “holiday feast”.

I would love to hear from you about what makes holidays special for you.  What are the dishes, drinks, or activities that are special for your family over the holiday season?

If you live in Canada, Happy Thanksgiving!  If you live in the States, you are getting your Thanksgiving wishes a few weeks early!  But, no matter where you live … thank you for taking the time each week to read this blog & sharing your thoughts.  I hope that what I write is useful for you in your studio & helps you create the musical life you envision for yourself.

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