Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly which piece would give your student practice with a concept?  Without spending precious prep time looking through a bookshelf?  AND … to give your students choice in their repertoire.

It seems like too much to ask from our bookshelves, right?  And yet there is a way to quickly & easily find the right repertoire without taking away student choice.

It began with a dream

Like many teachers I began teaching out of a method book.  Start at the beginning, work my way to the end.  Rather quickly though I realized that I wasn’t meeting the needs of all of my students.

Fast forward to now & I have over 10 different method book series in my library with many supplementary books as well.  Plus, I realized student choice in repertoire led to increased practice time during the week.  But, the old method of searching through my entire bookshelf was taking too long. 

Level it up

In order to truly give my students choice in repertoire, I had to get organized.  By organizing all my books into levels, my prep time decreased since all the books for a student were in one spot.  However, I still had to manually look through each book to find what I was looking for.

This led to a massive project (well over 100 hours & counting) that has proven to be a clear win in my studio.  Creating digital spreadsheets that included the main concepts taught at each level was the first step.  Using filters made it as easy as clicking a few buttons to take my list of hundreds of songs down to just a few in seconds.

My students love getting choice for each & every song they work on throughout the year!  I love that they are covering the foundational concepts they need … without having to search through my bookshelves!

Give students choice in repertoire

If you think this sounds great & would love to get access to these repertoire databases, click below to learn how to create your own databases by creating filters in:

Your students will love the choice in repertoire & you will love finding options in seconds!

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