Hi, June! How to enjoy the last lessons before summer.

Hi June!  Most years tend to fly by in a flurry of wonderful activities, milestones & celebrations.  But some years it feels like it goes by even faster than normal.  I hear that this tends to happen as we get older … I just didn’t realize it happened this quickly!  June lessons can feel like a blur.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Are you getting in vacation mode?

June tends to be the month when everyone is just … done.  “No more pencils!  No more books! …”  Well, you get the idea.  Hopefully none of our students will be able to chant about dirty looks from us!

It can be easy to just coast along for the last weeks before summer.  But, why do that to ourselves & our students?  No one wants to feel like they are counting the minutes on the clock until lesson is over.

Keeping students engaged to the last lesson

June lessons that keep students engaged

Each week for June lessons we have something new going on until our last hurrah.  It has really helped keep students focused each & every lesson in the studio because there is deadline in sight.

Two of the activities that have become staples in my studio are:

Learn more about student-led conferences

They are both fan favourites & are fabulous for reviewing what we have done this year in a fun way!  They also let parents see why they hired us … as opposed to another random teacher.

Group Lessons Outside

Take time to reflect on the year

I remember one year, one of my little guys counted to 10 all on his own. As soon as he was done I gave him a big high 5.  As he moved onto something else I turned to his mom & whispered, “Remember September?”  “I know!  He has made so much progress!” she whispered back.

Counting to 10 may not seem like a big deal … until you find out that he was unable to count to 3 in September & had really struggled with learning the basics at first due to learner issues.  He had an amazing kindergarten teacher (she taught one of my kids) & we worked on his counting in piano lessons almost every week.  To see him confidently count on his own was amazing!

Whether it is taking time to reflect on the year ourselves by collaborating with other teachers or having students reflect on their year, this is a great time to take a step back & remember how far we all have come!

Saying goodbye isn’t easy

Some years I have to say goodbye to students that I have taught for years.  Perhaps they are moving onto a new stage & piano just won’t be fitting into their incredibly busy schedules.

As we say goodbye to students during these June lessons, let’s make sure we celebrate the great memories, wish them well, & keep those lines of communication open if they ever want to return.

Your best June lessons ever

Perhaps you are done teaching & will be taking a well deserved break.  Or, holding group lessons.  Or, planning out next year.

Share in the comments below … What will you be doing in your studio this month?

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