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Let's Get Outside!

Let's Get Outside (moving music lessons to the great outdoors)

This month, it’s all about keeping our students engaged until the very last lesson.  But, how many times do you catch your students (or maybe even yourself) gazing out the window wishing that instead being stuck at the piano, the lesson was outside in the sun?  Let’s stop fighting a losing battle & give our students what they want!

What if I told you that you could have an educationally sound, music filled lesson … outside?  Yes!

Let's Get Outside (moving music lessons to the great outdoors)

Concepts to practice in the great outdoors

Almost anything can be done outside with a little creativity.  Some of the general concepts that can be practiced are:

  • Ear training
  • Composing/Improv … at least the beginning part
  • Rhythm
  • Sight Reading
  • Technique
  • Theory

And, imagine how excited your students will be to FINALLY be outside, rather than waiting until the end of lesson!

The oldies, but goodies

No one wants to be putting in a lot of prep time these days for lessons.  Between recitals & end of year activities, perhaps you are wanting quick wins with your students without giving up on the educational value.

It is super easy to use these quick ideas for moving the lesson outside.

  • Grab a music game & play it out on the deck
  • Listen to a song & have the student complete a listening activity
  • Complete theory worksheets outside (instead of at the bench)
  • Have a student ‘air play’ their scales or a small section of music
  • Grab flashcards to drill notes/rests/symbols.

Getting students moving & engaged

But, what if you could have students moving around, reviewing in a totally new way, & having a blast while doing it?  If you would like 20 more ideas that will keep your students engaged the whole lesson, click below!

Click to download 20 music activities away from the piano

What are your favourite outdoor activities?

I would love to hear from you how you move your lessons to the outdoors!  Share your ideas below.

Have a great weekend!

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