I feel very fortunate to have found so many great mentors online … most who probably have no clue that they are my mentors.  As my year ends, I have been looking back on the teacher I used to & the teacher I am now.  Thankfully, that bit of introspection showed how much I have grown professionally & personally.  And, all those mentors?  A huge thank you for sharing your journey, as well as what has worked (& not worked).  All those hours blogging has had such a positive effect on how I have changed my approach over the years.

While this has nothing to do with marketing, at least on the surface, I also wanted to thank Leila Viss for stopping by in Calgary to present a workshop on improvisation & creativity!  If you haven’t read Leila’s blog (88pianokeys) or attending any of her many workshops (online & in person)  … What are you waiting for?  As always, Leila provided tons of practical, inexpensive, & easy ways to add improvisation to both group & individual lessons.  I really liked how she broke things down into small steps that were easy on student AND teacher.  Check out when she may be in your area this summer.  (Scroll to the bottom of the page when you follow the link.)

Not sure what your plans are for this weekend?  There is also some very exciting professional development available through Tim Topham’s blog.  He is partnering with Amy Chaplin for a FREE 1-hour webinar on Marketing Your Studio!  While the webinar takes place this Sunday in Australia, those of us in North America will probably be tuning in Saturday afternoon or evening.  Follow this link to sign up.

Amy’s blog (Piano Pantry) has so much straightforward information on a wide variety of music topics that I am going to be happily reading posts for quite some time.  I encourage you to subscribe to her blog as well.

It looks to be a fantastic weekend here in Calgary & I hope yours will be just as awesome!

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