I am a strong believer in regular professional development for teachers.  Part of this is reading blogs & books regularly, but the other part is attending conferences & workshops.

One of my favourite conferences to attend is MusicEdConnect.  Days of workshops by top presenters from various countries without having to leave my home.  That’s right, it’s the online conference that comes to you!

For 4 days, I geeked out with teachers from all over the world learning from experts in a wide variety of fields.  While I was exhausted at the end of each the day, it also renewed my enthusiasm & idea bin for music teaching.  One of the things I love about this conference is the interactivity in each session.  Not only do presenters take questions, but questions often get answered in the chat box by other teachers as well.  Think of it as a big community that comes together each day to learn from, support, & encourage one another.


MusicEdConnect recap

I made a quick video going over the 6 “sections” of the conference.  While I have created sections as talking points, I was very impressed with how presenters referenced back to other workshops to create continuity (especially on day 1).

The video was inspired by a workshop on creating green screen effects (for under $50).  You will notice that the background image is a bit pixalized.  Turns out a light green (slightly wrinkly) sheet hung on a curtain rod isn’t the best option (even if it was the fastest option) … but, it does give you an idea of what can be done with no experience, very short timeline, minimal supplies, & some ingenuity.  All I used was my cell on a tripod, lapel microphone, flat sheet, 2 desk lamps, as well as some odds & ends to get things to the correct level.  Then, I mastered the video using Green Screen by Do Ink & added in background images to match up with the sections.  Once I have better equipment, the plan is to use this as a year end activity with my students!

Links to resources

Replay MEC

If you were unable to attend the conference, no worries!  There is a replay pass that allows you to access any of the workshop videos until December 31, 2017.

Fellow attendees …

We had a great time & learnt a lot, so I would love to hear from you what ONE thing you will incorporate to your studio or teaching this week (or this month).

Please leave your comments below.  Have a great weekend!

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