I was really looking forward to attending the MusicEdConnect 2019 conference!  From past experience I know the content will be great & the presenters approachable.  My students also know (& lightly teased me) that next week I will be back in the studio with many ideas & an infectious excitement!

If you haven’t attended a MusicEdConnect conference before, I would highly recommend checking it out.  Not only is the cost very reasonable, but attendees have access to the videos & content until the end of 2019.  Finally a conference that works around YOUR schedule!

Below is an overview of the MusicEdConnect sessions.

Session Overviews

AKA: Why you should attend the conference!

Working with adults

This is a demographic that is more & more interested in music lessons.  Dr. Pamela Pike had a great overview of the benefits, challenges & thoughts on teaching adults.  Each demographic of adults has a different need & focus.  So, clumping all adults to together is almost as bad as pretending they need the same approach as the children in our studios.  Being patient, understanding, positive & flexible with our adult students ensures they are able to balance life with the realities of taking piano lessons.  I know I’ve had my twins sleeping on my lap as babies while I practiced!  

How to teach online

Bradley Sowash had another engaging workshop on the basics on teaching online.  Everything from the why to the nuts & bolts of actually teaching online were covered.  I especially liked seeing his teaching set up & how he used simple tricks to get the most out of his equipment.  If you are interested in teaching online or offering make-up lessons using live video calls, I would highly recommend this session.

Click it to stick it

What does dog or dolphin training have to do with teaching students?  Well, it turns out clickers work on us humans as well!  Perhaps you find yourself talking more than listening in lessons.  Or, perhaps you want students to think through their repetitions more.  A clicker approach meets both needs.

Gifted & talented are dangerous words

Samantha Coates kept every attendee engaged with thought-provoking question & stories throughout her workshop.  Her argument for doing away with “gifted” & “talented” as labels was compelling.  And, her encouragement to instil a growth mindset in our students was wonderful to hear.

Women who dared to compose

George Litterst & Stella Sick gave us a wonderful end to our first day of the conference.  Their entire presentation took us on a journey of female composers from the 12th through to the 20th century.  Filled with stories of determination to success in a male dominated profession & beautiful musical excerpts, the only downside was that I had forgotten to get a cup of tea first.  (This was by no means George or Stella’s fault.)  Honestly, I could have happily spent the rest of my afternoon listening to the music they presented!

Creative Marketing for Independent Teachers

Davis Dorrough & Angela Marshall were able to grow their studio from 0-60 students in 6 months.  Their session went through the marketing strategies that worked, the ones that didn’t work as well & how to get the most of your efforts.  If you are looking to increase your studio size, this session will be sure to help you a lot.

Helping Students Perform

The real title of this session by Thomas Lanners was “Helping Students Develop the Courage to Command the Stage”.  As someone who suffers from performance anxiety, it was great to get strategies not only for myself, but my students as well!  I really liked Thomas’ process for preparing his students for performances with a scaffold approach.

Efficient Business Practices

Davis & Angela were back for a session that, in some ways, picked up where their first session left off.  Once you have a thriving studio the administrative side can become overwhelming.  They had so many great ideas to increase efficiency & what to focus on for the best use of your time.  

MusicEdConnect Conference

Maybe you didn’t know about this conference.  Or, perhaps you didn’t have time to attend the live sessions. 

MusicEdConnect is set up for the working studio teacher.  Yes, there are live sessions & I highly recommend attending live if you can.  But, having video access to any workshop you missed makes it well worth the cost.  Including additional webinars that go beyond the live sessions?  It’s hard to say no.

Click here to find out more about MusicEdConnect & sign up for access to the replays.  Everyone has access to the replays until the end of the year.

If you are wondering about previous years, click here for the first in a 3-part series and here.



  1. This was a great synopsis of the sessions! I was busy teaching on Friday so only saw snippets of a couple of the sessions. I had the day today to watch live. You are right, live is definitely best but I love having the opportunity to watch those that I missed as well as watching some of those I saw today to remind myself about details of my note taking.

    That doesn’t even include the extra sessions that are available! We learn so much and are inspired by these sessions!

    1. Sally, I completely agree! It really is so inspiring to get together with other teachers for a few days. Plus, it’s a great way to open ourselves to other ways of doing things in our studios. It was great “seeing” you at the conference again!

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