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The Apps I Just Can’t Live Without (Business Edition)

must have business apps

Having the right technology & must have business apps means you can run your studio more efficiently & be more profitable.  Why waste time on a task when an app can make it easier?  These are “The Apps I Can’t Live Without” – Business Edition!

While I love “the Beast” (my husband’s nickname for my awesome PC office set up), I’ve set up my business so that if worse comes to worse I can run many aspects of my business on my iPad Pro. Heading out of town used to mean a laptop bag, regular bag, purse.  It was frustrating. Now, I put my iPad Pro in a carry-on bag with my purse & I’m ready to go!

These are the apps that I use all the time & use to streamline my work week. They have ensured that I can make the most profit with my set work hours AND still have a personal life.  Now I can focus on the parts of having a business I enjoy … teaching, composing, & creating resources!

Must Have Business Apps

Nowadays, I am always on the lookout to see if the programs I am using have an app for the iPad.  While it’s not a deal breaker, I tend to think twice about new apps that don’t have that functionality.  Sometimes it’s just easier to get something done on the couch than head to the office.

Planning Lessons

  • Planboard:  With an easy to use schedule, lesson plan/practice page templates, ability to add photos (like rhythm warm-ups) directly, & adding files in a flash.  Plus there is an iOS app!
  • Google Drive:  Having online storage is a must in today’s studio.  By keeping your annual overall studio plan & individual annual student growth plans every lesson has a purpose.
  • Notability:  Organizing the app into days & then individual students ensures I can easily hand off the iPad to my students knowing they can work independently during lab time.
  • Evernote:  I love the ease in saving resources as I go through email & taking notes at professional development workshops.  For more ideas on how to use this app, read this article at Piano Pantry.

Running a Studio

  • Square:  Set up recurring invoices with automatic reminders BEFORE tuition is late.  Or, send receipts for clients that pay with post-dated cheques.  Either way, it’s easy to track income & make bookkeeping as painless as possible.
  • WordPress:  A website is considered another must for the modern studio.  And, WordPress makes it easy to have & maintain a professional looking site!
  • Canva:  I do love Canva.  Do everything from recital programs, social media images, worksheets, embedding images to your site (changes in the app show up automatically on your site), adding links to your images (rather than doing this outside of the app) & so much more with the Canva 2.0 update.
  • Last Pass:  Let’s face it.  There are a million passwords to remember that are all supposed to be different!  Now, remember one master password & get strong passwords generated for you.

Social Media:

  • Facebook:  Parents love to brag on their kids.  Give them photos they can share from your studio Facebook page!
  • Canva:  While I’ve listed quite a few advantages, read this guest post for more ways to use Canva.

Keeping in contact:

  • Mail Chimp:  Scheduling newsletters ahead of time means less work at month end.  Include links for registering for group lessons & events in your studio makes it easy for parents to interact with you.
  • Active Campaign (OA, iOS): If you have a larger studio, this is a great option.  It also includes features that you pay a higher price for with Mail Chimp.  Choose the option that best fits the audience (number of people) you will be regularly sending to.
  • FaceTime/Skype:  This is the ONLY way I handle sick students & dangerous road conditions.  Rather than reschedule, we can have lesson at the regular time!
  • Facebook Live:  Parents are enjoying having this option in the studio.  Every two months, we cover a new topic & they leave knowing they have new tools to support their child(ren) at home.
  • Texting:  Many people find it easier to text & for teachers it’s easy to quickly share student wins from lesson.  But, if you don’t want to give out your cell number, use this tip to have students & parents text your email instead!

Must have business apps … your list

If you missed my list of the teaching apps, be sure to visit “The Apps I Can’t Live Without – Teaching Edition)“. 

And, if you are starting out & feel a Iittle overwhelmed, think about a task that is taking longer than you would like.  Choose an app that helps you solve that problem.  As you get comfortable, add other apps that solve other challenges.

If you are just starting out, what is ONE app that you will try out this upcoming week?

Or, perhaps you’ve used apps for years in your studio.

What is a business app that I’ve missed that has made your studio run smoother?

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    1. No worries, Amy! They are really well laid out. Thanks for making the app more accessible fir teachers to learn!

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