Why “The Unfinished Lesson”?

After over a decade of teaching & nearly as long running a business, I’ve found a way to balance it all. Without giving up on having a creative studio!

My secret?

I never stop learning & trying new things.  Hence the “unfinished lesson”!

My goal is to help you take teaching & running a studio from overwhelming to fulfilling.

Because guess what? You deserve balance … both as a creative teacher AND in your personal life!

FOUR WAYS I can help.

Start here! Read ARTICLES with plenty of teaching ideas & free resources.

Learn the tips & tricks I use to teach creatively & run my studio with ONLINE COURSES.

Skip all the hassle of creating from scratch.  Buy tried & true MUSIC RESOURCES perfect for a creative studio.

Skip all the hassle of creating from scratch.  Buy tried & true MUSIC RESOURCES perfect for a creative studio.

Selena Pistoresi (testimonial)



An online piano teacher, writer, composer & speaker.  AND, I’ve found a way to balance a boutique studio with family life & personal growth!  At least most days.

I get it. 

Running a studio & teaching kids isn’t the easiest job in the world.  And, trying to balance a life outside of that doesn’t make it any easier.

I’ve been there.

  • Having my toddler twins on my lap while creating my studio website,
  • Walking across the field in heels to watch my kids play soccer after teaching,
  • Negotiating the puzzle of studio & family schedules,
  • Having pets & babies sit on my lap while teaching at my students’ homes,
  • And, everything in between.

But, you know what?  Running a studio & teaching music is one of the most rewarding careers there is!  You’ll have the most hilarious, heart-warming, thought-provoking moments of your life.  And, you’ll always have a story to tell!

I’ll guide you with the best strategies for teaching creatively, handling admin, &, of course, creating balance through it all.  Whether it’s pen & paper or digital, you’ll get the support you need to build the studio of your dreams.

So, what’s next?

That’s up to you.

I can help you right here on the site with the FOUR RESOURCES I mentioned earlier.

  • Articles on the site,
  • Resources for teaching,
  • Online courses to learn my tips & tricks,
  • Work with me 1-on-1 in a consultation call.

Or …

Click below to get weekly emails from me.  I know.  I know.  Who wants yet another email in their inbox?

These emails are where I share behind-the-scenes details, exclusive coupons, plus links back to what is happening here & on social media.  It’s where we get to know each other better! 

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So, what’s next?