I LOVE reading blogs & follow quite a few so that not a day goes by in which I am not exposed to a new idea or way of doing something.  It keep me excited about my chosen profession … teaching music!

This meme popped up in my Facebook feed recently & I think it exemplifies what many teachers, including myself, believe about education … both for our students AND ourselves.

Educating yourself does not mean meme

This week, I thought I would share 5 resources that get my creative juices flowing with new & engaging ideas!

4D Piano Teaching

No, this is not 4 dimensional teaching though that would be pretty cool to have an incredibly powerful tesseract … unless Loki is trying to steal it in which case I’d be giving it to Thor right quick.

What 4D Piano Teaching stands for “Discover”, “Develop”, “Drive”, & “Delight”.  For the last several weeks, I have looked forward to a series of entitled “Teaching Tactic“.  These are short ideas to change up our teaching & help our students engage with their musical learning on a deeper level!

Tuesday Teaching Tips

One of the resources that I look forward to each week in my inbox is The Curious Piano Teachers.

I just discovered this weekly Facebook live session.  And, I was so happy to see practical solutions with demonstrations for a wide variety of reader questions.  In fact, I was able to take ideas from the tension in scale playing session for our technique challenge right now.  Plus, the keyboard geography games session gave me some fun ideas that we will use in our warmup activities later on this academic year!

While I haven’t had a chance to watch all of them yet, I am really excited to continue watching the back episodes of this series!

Cult of Pedagogy

First of all, the name of this podcast is fabulous!  The Cult of Pedagogy has been a great find for my work drive & I look forward to each podcast episode.  While the information is more geared towards teachers in a classroom setting, there are SO many takeaways for studio owners & teachers as well.  Just recently, I listened to “Why It’s So Hard For Teachers To Take Care of Themselves” & was reminded of ways that I can streamline my work week to be more efficient & leave more time for the things I love (like looking into new ideas).  Since my family life has been especially hectic for the start of the academic year, I was able to apply some ideas to get back a bit more balance.

Truth For Teachers

Angela Watson tells it like it is in the Truth For Teachers podcast.  The episodes are short (15-20 min.) & get right to the heart of the matter.  I think what I like most about this podcast is that it’s about doing the right things, not more things.  Angela Watson is the creator of the 40-Hour Teacher Work Week Club & is very focused on teachers having a balanced life that goes beyond our teaching & administrative lives.

Disclaimer:  I have not done any of the courses because I have found great value in the podcast itself.  However, feel free to check out the club if you want more support in this area.

The Google Teacher Tribe

If you are using Google G-Suite or Google tools in general, this is a great podcast on … well, everything Google.  The Google Teacher Tribe is 2 teachers that share new ideas, new features, & so much more.  I like that it is about engaging students, but in a pedagogically sound way.  Tech is there to help, but if it doesn’t really fit into what you are doing then leave it out of the lesson.  Again this podcast is geared to teachers in the classroom, but there are plenty of ideas we can use in our studios.  For example, the “Google Slides Gains New Superpowers” episode had me thinking about how I could perhaps create some resources for my students, or even better have my students do the creating.  At this point though, I am collecting ideas that will become projects down the road.

Your Favourite New(ish) Resources

Do you read or listen to any of the above resources?  If so, tell us about a favourite blog/episode!

If these are new to you, what is a resource you’ve discovered recently that is taking your teaching to the next level?

Have a great weekend!

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