How to Organize Your Studio Repertoire

Do you ever get the sense that your studio repertoire is taking over the bookshelves?  You know the song you’re looking for is there.  But, is it on this shelf?  Or, perhaps in this area?  Knowing how to organize your studio repertoire is crucial in managing time in lessons & minimizing prep time.

When I first started teaching, I had all my books organized by method book series or publisher.  I quickly realized that to organize studio repertoire like this was more work in the long run.

But, I had no idea how to figure out which books were the same level.  So, I continued on with the same system.  For years.

Organizing By Publisher

You may have a preferred publisher or method book series that you use in your studio.  And, chances are there are really great pedagogical reasons for why this is your preference.

But, what happens when you purchase something outside of that series?

If you organize your studio repertoire like I did, this new book gets placed in its own section of the bookshelf.  Waiting in its lonely existence for the day a student will say, “I love the songs in this book!”

Our students do not all like the same music, the same page layout for songs, or the same pacing in their repertoire.

Which means purchasing books outside of a favourite method book series.

Short of checking every section of your bookshelf each time you look for music, organizing by publisher is not the best option.

Level It Up!

Instead of grouping by publisher, create levels of books.  This is by far the most efficient use of your prep time.

Imagine going to your bookcase with the intention of choosing a few options for your students’ next songs.

Rather than going through each section of your bookcase finding each option, you go to one section in your bookshelf & pull the books you needed within seconds for each student.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Organize studio repertoire by levels & this is possible.

For help in organizing your bookshelf, click below for the method book comparison PDF.

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Organize Your Studio Repertoire

When you have your repertoire organized by level, it opens up so many options!

You could continue to have students start at the beginning of a method book & play to the end.  And, yes, your student would (hopefully) learn many useful concepts & skills.

But, would they enjoy it?

Imagine your students eager to start a new song.  Or when a song proves to be challenging, sticking with it because they say, “I really want to learn this song!”

This happens when students are given options & choice in the repertoire they play.

Having your repertoire organized by levels makes it possible to give choice and reduce prep time.

And, don’t we all want that?  Happy students.  Happy teacher.

Next step …

Then next step after creating levels in your bookcase is … getting all that great information in a digital format that goes with you no matter where you might be!

To get access to the repertoire databases that have taken my prep time from hours to minutes, click below!

P.S. There are multiple levels available with more being created!

Learn more about repertoire database level 1.

Let me know in the comments below …

How do you organize your studio repertoire?  What makes this system work so well for you?

We don’t all have to do things exactly the same way, so I would love to hear your system for organizing your studio repertoire as well!

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