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Planning lessons can take up a lot of time.  When I first began teaching, I was told to budget an hour for each hour I taught.  Thankfully, there is a lesson planning app that has taken that prep time to a much more reasonable & sustainable level.

What is my go-to lesson planning app?

Planboard is an online lesson planning tool that I use to not only for planning lessons, but email practice/assignment pages to my students.  I began using this lesson plan app in 2013 & haven’t looked back since.

My typical week includes private lessons with each of my student in which I modify their practice pages (which handily enough are also my lesson plans) to reflect our goals for the upcoming week of practice, reminders, & any additional communication (i.e. praise or talking points with their parents).  Before leaving the lesson, I email a PDF of the practice page to either the parent(s) or student directly from the lesson planning app.  At the end of the week, I copy over each lesson to the next week (a process that takes just a few seconds) & modify based on what I think the student can begin to work on for the next week’s lesson.

 How does it work?

Below is an overview of Planboard & how I use it both within lessons (ios app) & while planning lessons on my computer.

Resources I use

Below are resources that I either mentioned in the Planboard lesson planning app or that I use:

  • Planboard: The Chalk team has several other resources that you may find useful as well.  The iTunes app is regularly updated & it is available on the Google Store as well.
  • Leila Viss has so many great resources on her site (88 Piano Keys) & creative ways to effectively use technology in the studio.
  • Joy Morin has generously let teachers use png files of musical symbols that she has created.  These are the images I use when creating rhythms for my students.
  • Office Mix:  The program I used for the screen recording you saw above.  It does require Office 365 if you are wanting to use it. (Program retired.  Using screen recording directly on iPad now.)

Your go-to planning tools

Click below if you are interested in more of the reasons I love using Planboard.  (I am not affiliated with the Chalk.com team, but do really love their products.)

lesson plans that go with you

Do you have questions about Planboard?  Or, do you have another tool that you use that allows you to plan with ease?

[NOTE: This is a rewrite of an article from August 3, 2017.  It has all the great ideas from before, plus more!]

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