Professional development is so important, as teachers & studio owners, to continue growing.  And attending conferences whether online or in person can be invaluable, but also provide important professional development milestones.

MusicEdConnect, an online conference, is one such annual experience for me.  If you missed part one of this series, click here.  Because honestly, the 2020 sessions cover so many topics both teaching & business.

Music in the Homes of the 19th Century

George Litterst & Stella Sick were back again this year with a wonderful look at music history!  If you watch this on-demand, the music is perfect for easing into the day … or relaxing at the end of a long day. 

Not to mention this session will inspire you to make greater use of IMSLP, a site filled with many copyright-free music from all over the world. 

The scores within the session are also available in SuperScore which includes beautifully recorded versions of these pieces that play along with the sheet music.

Staying Alive

Angela Marshall & Davis Dorrough were back again this year with a session on the business side of running a studio.  With a subtitle of “How to Survive & Thrive as a Modern Music Teacher” you know that balance between running a studio & having a life was going to be a topic of conversation.

We looked at the newest generation, Generation Alpha (2010 – 2025) that is entering our studios.  Because their parents tends to be Millennials, there are certain consideration to keep in mind.  This allows us to meet both the needs of students & parents equally.

If you are wondering about adapting your business needs, websites, social media, online lessons, etc. were all covered to round out this great session.

Demonstrating in Lessons

Thomas Lanners focused on “Finding Imaginative Ways to Illustrate Any Concept”.  Not only does demonstration play an important role in instrument lessons, but using a variety of ways to demonstrate meets the needs of each student.

Whether you are looking for ideas involving singing (mimics the music most closely), speaking, conducting, movement, & imagery, Thomas has ideas for each.  He also goes into the pedagogical reasoning for each.

Incorporating Technology Into Lessons … Even if You Aren’t Tech Savvy

Did you know that when I was younger I managed to wipe out half our family’s hard drive while trying to format a floppy disk?  Things have certainly changed a lot since then.

In my second session for MusicEdConnect, I shared ways that even the most tech “newbie” can add technology into lessons … without moving away from important learning.

We took at look at the 2 most important questions to ask before adding technology to our studios & how to make tech become a seamless part of lessons.  Then, we ended with a great discussion on various apps that both students & teachers love!

The Unknown Clementi Sonatinas

George Litterst & Arthur Houle took us through time to look at some sonatas that many of us think we know very well.  The 6 Progressive Sonatinas for the Piano Forte, Op. 36 by Muzio Clementi.

It turns out that we may not know them as well as we thought.  Between changes in the piano forte & changes in publishing house, there are actually several “official” editions & revisions.  Even from the same year.  Arthur & George took us through the different changes, some good others not so good.  But, it was was a wonderful song to end the conference with!

Professional Development Milestone: Part 2

It was a wonderful 2 days of learning with other teachers.  If you were there, I would love to hear from you!

And if you weren’t at the conference, no worries.  There is a replay pass available over at MusicEdConnect.


  1. What a wonderful conference it was. Even after 50 years of teaching I was learning new things! I expect that in the technology field but there were so many other areas that interested me! Thank you for your contribution Rosemarie!

    1. Sally, it is an inspiration to see that even after years of teaching you are open to learning & expanding your teaching toolbox! It was a pleasure to be involved with MusicEdConnect this year on the presenter side of things … & continue to learn from other great teachers as well!

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