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A few tips:

  • If you don’t see your receipt, check your junk/spam folder.  Sometimes email providers get a little overprotective & don’t realize you really do want that email from me.
  • Download your resource within the first 24 hours.  Please keep in mind that your receipt link is unique to you & it does expire.

Receipt help:

On your receipt, you will see the following information:

  • Product name: For example, “If You Can Sing Chords, You Can Play Chords”
  • Download File Name: Click this text to access the PDF
  • Additional information about your purchase: Extra instructions, like downloading these onto your device or cloud storage.
  • Payment info: What you used to pay & the amount in CAD $
  • Receipt ID: You can view your receipt in the browser.

The download file name (in blue) is how you access your resource.

Keep in mind that if you purchase more than one resource (thank you again!) you will have a download file name for each. This means you will click/tap on teach of those to download each resource separately.

What your download includes

Most resources are accessed by PDF. This means the PDF could have:

  • The resource: sheet music, practice activities, etc.
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions) for digital escape rooms, chord & rhythm warm-ups, etc.
  • Links to digital escape rooms so you can make copies for your own Google Drive.

Some resources might have a ZIP file so you can access many different things at once (i.e. images, PDFs, etc.) If that is the case, you will save the ZIP file to your computer then unzip it once there.

Need extra help?

If you’ve followed the tips above, just let me know by hitting reply to your email or sending an email to

I’m here to help!

P.S. If you love the resource, I’d love to hear how it’s working out for you!