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Rhythm Warm-Ups That Get Students Off the Bench

With the end of the year just around the corner (or so it seems), many of our students will be getting a bit wiggly on the bench, perhaps a bit teary-eyed at staying inside on a sunny day, & in general wanting to do something just a little bit different.  Rhythm warm-ups are a great option to change things up.

One of the favourite warm-up activities we did in my studio this year was rhythm warm-ups. I wanted my students to feel a steady pulse (beat) as they played piano, but also improvise with rhythms so when they saw them in their music they were easier to recognize. I wanted a warm-up that kind of did it all.

Ending the Year With a Smile

Many of us are deep into re-registration & recital prep. What if we could inject an element of fun into what might otherwise be a fairly serious time in our studios? How likely would clients be to re-register when they see their child(ren) laughing & engaged right from the first moment of their lessons … even if their kids are usually wiggly & unfocused?

If you are still dealing with snow storms like we are here, your students may be feeling a little ‘wintered-out’.  (This year none of our groundhogs predicted a winter lasting this long.)  Spring break was a welcome break for everyone in the studio, even if we were enjoying making snow forts instead of riding bikes.

We need an activity to take our students from ready to hibernate to forgetting about the cold weather outside!

Rhythm Warm-Ups: Off the Bench & Moving Around

If you would like your students to:

  • Move to a steady pulse (beat)
  • Add body movements to reinforce a steady pulse
  • Clap rhythms using a steady pulse
  • Improvise melodies using a given rhythm
  • Notate a rhythm after learning it aurally

I have created a 12-week set of warm-ups that cover all these concepts & activities.  These warm-ups take about 5 minutes though if a student is really get into it, feel free to spend a bit more time.

Included within the product are:

  • Warm-up ideas for start of lesson
  • Practice during the week ideas
  • Review ideas for the start of next lesson
  • Body rhythm ideas (enough for the full 12 weeks)
  • Rhythm word ideas to help your students remember the patterns (3 different sets)
  • 4 sets of rhythms (absolute beginner, beginner, early elementary, elementary)
  • Studio challenge ideas (including a points system to use)
  • Individual PNG images for week’s rhythm to use on digital practice pages (4 zip files of images)

To see how this worked in my studio, watch this video.  We all had a lot of fun with both the warm-ups & recording the video!

FREE “Body Rhythm Ideas” PDF for you!

If you would like to try get the body rhythm ideas that my students LOVED, click the link below.

Body Rhythm Ideas

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