How to Share a Folder in Google Drive

There are times when we need to send information on a regular basis to our clients.  But, filling up their inbox is a surefire way of getting lost in the shuffle.  There is a much easier & effective way.  Shared folders! How do you share a folder from Google Drive with each family in your studio?  

How to Share a Folder

To share a folder is easy in Google Drive!  You have 2 options for sharing, depending on how you want your clients to use the information.

And … your client does not need to have a Gmail account to use it!

Click below for your how-to guide!

Keeping Clients in the Know

Clients want to know what is going on in the studio.  But, they don’t want to be overwhelmed with information.  

One of the best ways to keep clients in the know, outside of a regular newsletter, is to have all information & resources in one place.  Even better is to have it set up that students can access this on their own!

When we first moved the studio online I was sending a LOT of emails.  And, getting a LOT of emails.  Something had to change if I wanted to ensure my clients felt supported & my students had access to the resources they needed.

By sharing a folder with my students, they could:

  • Access resources without having to ask parents to print it off
  • Send me a message directly
  • Share something they were learning
  • Access video snippets just for them
  • And so much more!

To keep parents happy, ensuring their children could be independent was the key to our success online.

Let me know below …

Do you use Google Drive in your studio?  If you do, how do you use it?

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